Non-Toxic Hard Water Stain Cleaner LEMON

As you might have noticed I'm on a bit of a Non-Toxic mission...LOL! I'm slowly making our home non-toxic...product by product as I run out I'm replacing them with non-toxic alternatives. I'm starting to notice that most natural/non-toxic methods seem to work even better than EXPENSIVE, TOXIC, store bought cleaners. I'm embarrassed to admit but the above image was my shower hardware this morning, prior to trying out the lemon method to clean off the hard water stains. 

I read an article on Pinterest about cleaning hard water stains with a lemon. All I did was cut the lemon in half and scrubbed away, I used the lemon just like a sponge. I let the lemon juice sit for about 10 minutes and then brushed a little with an old toothbrush. Rinsed with water and wiped dry with a junk towel. Below is the result...I was amazed to say the least!!

I am still in shock that the results were so great! Prior to trying this lemon methods I was using Clorox with bleach. It really didn't work and it's toxic...the lemon method is easier, work better, and non-toxic!! It's a no brainier! I'm even thinking about planting a lemon tree because lemons have endless uses. 

Above is the side by side, before and after so the results are easier to see. Hope this trick is helpful!



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