Poshmark Inventory Tracker (Free Download)

Happy New Year, Loves!

A new year mean new goals and this year I'm ALL about growing my reselling business. One way I'm trying to make that happen is by implementing a new online inventory tracking system. For everything I purchase this year, I'll be logging it into this tracker to ensure I'm capturing what I'm buying, where I'm buying it from, how much I'm paying for it; as well as information related to where I post it, how long it takes to sell, my margin on each item, etc. 

Free Poshmark Inventory Tracker

While I looked online to try and find the best free online inventory tracker for Poshmark, I couldn't find anything that worked just right for me. So I decided to build what I needed, with a little help from my BF! And since another goal of mine this year is to share my journey with all of you, I'm happy to share the tracker with YOU. 

It's simple, straight forward and hopefully something that provides you value. Let me know what you think and feel free to use it or share it however you'd like. 

You can check out my Poshmark Inventory Tracker here for free

Happy Poshing!


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