The Story of My Pink Hanger

Hi! My name is Lauren and THANK YOU for wanting to know more about My Pink Hanger. You even reading this is humbling! I founded My Pink Hanger in 2012. It was something I originally founded with my Mom because we LOVE style and wanted to do something together. I've always been into styling, I'm very bossy with my style opinions...just ask my Mom! I clean out her closet and tell her what she can and cannot wear on a regular bases.

I got into second-hand shopping in high school because I worked at a resale shop. That transitioned into reselling my own items on eBay in college. After college I joined the corporate world for an insurance company. I didn't love it, but it worked and helped me buy my first property. I've always been very driven and frugal. I bought a ton on eBay because it is how I could afford designer brands.

I signed up for Poshmark in 2012. Also, in 2012 I signed up for my wholesalers license and formed my LLC. In 2015, I left corporate America and tried My Pink Hanger as a full-time online boutique. I did trunk shows, some styling and resell. But mostly I was just depressed and trying to make it through each day. I went back to corporate America in 2016 because My Pink Hanger was not making the money I thought it would and I was unhappy home alone all day.

Still keeping inventory on eBay, I got heavier back into Poshmark in 2018. I also really started documenting on Instagram more of my daily thrifting and reselling side hustle. Which brings us to present day. I took My Pink Hanger full-time in Spring 2019. 

My vision for My Pink Hanger in the short term is to give you tips and tricks on how to live a #frugal life, reselling tips and just share what's going on with me! My long term vision is to build a brand that empowers, brings awareness, and educates women! I want everyone to live their BEST life and I want to help as many people as I can get there.